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Adrian Pocobelli, Toronto : Digital Artist


1/Your favorite food


2/Your least favorite food

Stinky fish

3/The first restaurant you remember going to in Berlin

Dada Falafel

4/The one you remember going over and over

Dada Falafel

5/Your favorite wine

White (it used to be red)

6/Where can we find you in Berlin

Working on my phone in a coffeeshop

7/The first wine you ever tried

It was a white wine my parents served

8/And the last

Red Bordeaux last night

9/The dish you make best


10/An album that make you thirsty

Anything by Janis Joplin and Tom Waits (but I never listen to either of them)

11/A taste from your childhood


12/What would you drink at your last supper

A nice Pinot Noir

13/What is constantly in your fridge

Plain yogurt

14/What would never be in your fridge

A full fish with the head and skin

15/What do you listen to when you drink/eat

The Recode technology podcast or a Bloomberg Radio podcast

16/Your favorite place in Berlin and why

It used to be the Starbucks at Hackescher Markt, but it closed down. The natural light and the view were amazing. It felt like an extension of my living room. I used to go there everyday (to the bemusement of my European friends) and I would work on my phone art. It was an incredibly productive time for me. I thought of it as my studio. I’ll always be nostalgic for that place.

17/What would be the best breakfast someone cook for for you

An full-on omelette with a chocolate fondue of delicious fruit and a cold glass of milk with two shots of gourmet espresso in it.

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