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Adrien Maubourguet, Zürich : Cultural content editor


Your favorite food

Seafood in Galicia

Your least favorite food

This triangle sandwiches on the motorway

3/The first restaurant you remember going to in Berlin


4/The one you remember going over and over

Schwein for the amazing oenologist they had. I am so sad they just closed

5/Where can we find you in Berlin

At Modulor

6/Your favorite wine

Egiategia rosé, fermented wine from the Saint Jean de Luz bay

7/The first wine you ever tried

A Rioja (El coto)

8/ And the last

A straw wine (Jura) from Rolet

9/ The dish you make best

La Garbure

10/An album that make you thirsty

69 love songs from Magnetic fields

11/ A taste from your childhood

Lamb brain

12/ What would you drink at your last supper

Romané Conti?

13/What is constantly in your fridge

Marinated anchovies, Piment d’espelette gelée, comté and some parsley

14/What would never be in your fridge

A pasta box

15/What do you listen to when you drink/eat

The one in front of me

16/Your favorite place where you live and why

The 8mm bar because you never when and how it will end…

17/What would be the best breakfast someone cook for for you

Peach salad, fresh squeezed orange juice, croissant, scramble eggs with bacon and smoked salmon..


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