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Classico Argentino

Classico Argentino – Argentinian restaurant – brings us two typical dishes from the region of Rio de la Plata. Have you ever heard of empanadas? It is a kind of Argentinian ravioli, whose dough is much thicker, it looks more like a paste of pie, quiche or pierogi. You have to test to understand! The formula of lunch allows you to choose 3 of them, it doesn’t seem enough but it is extremely nourishing. We enjoyed those with meat or vegan. As for the last category (cheese ones), they are pretty rich, keep them for the end, just to be able to enjoy the others. For the dessert, look for the helados – famous ice cream – unless you want to warm up, opt instead for the coffee. There are more addresses in Paris than the only one indicated on the right.

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2eme arr
6 Passage des Panoramas, 75002 Paris, France

+33 9 80 97 76 62

€€ - Card accepted

Non smoker


Monday12h - 15h / 18h - 23h30
Tuesday12h - 15h / 18h - 23h30
Wednesday12h - 15h / 18h - 23h30
Thursday12h - 15h / 18h - 23h30
Friday12h - 15h / 18h - 23h30
Saturday12h - 15h / 18h - 23h30
Sunday12h - 15h / 18h - 23h30

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