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Henry Hargreaves, NYC : Food Art Photographer


1/Your favorite food

Fresh berries

2/Your least favorite food

Sodas and sugary sodas – brain

3/The first restaurant you remember going to

Wood pickers in my hometown where we had lots of plastic swimming pool. It was probably more appealing at the time for us than the food there. They use to have this drink called “traffic light” that was red orange and green and that was pretty close to a soda

4/The one you remember going over and over

Jack’s wife Freda in Manhattan. It is co-owned and it is run by one of my best friend. So I hang there pretty much.

Your favorite wine

Rose un the summer

Where can we find you on the planet

Brooklyn in NYC where i live and hang out

The first wine you ever tried

My dad has a pretty big red wine closet. He always drink red wine from New Zealand. So i would say that was a Pinot Noir

And the last

I was to a gallery opening last night and we had champagne afterwards at Jacks wife freda

The dish you make the best

I make really good granola even though it is not a dish with a lot of nuts, a garvey. I really like granola.

An album that make you thirsty

Rolling Stones : Beggars Banquet

A taste from your childhood

Bananas mashed up with sugar

What would you drink at your last supper

A Miller High Life, the champagne of beer

What is constantly in your fridge


What would never be in your fridge

As I am a photographer, I would never keep films in my fridge. I used to do it but not anymore

What do you listen to when you drink/eat

I have got a dinner playlist that has a mixture of artist I put on shuffle that is got Chet Bqker, the war on drugs, radiohead and few others

Your favorite place where you live and why

My favorite place is Bushwhick in Brooklyn. It is a neighbourhood that is changing a lot and there are always fun things to look at. There are a lot of opportunities at any time. Lots of events restaurants, parks and shops. The area is constantly evolving and this is why I live there.

What would be the best breakfast someone cook for for you

I guess it would be a really nice scramble eggs for me because I can not do it very good. I would appreciate that someone cook for me something I can’t really do

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