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Sironi, il pane di Milano, is the best Italian bakery you can find  in Berlin. Alfred Sironi arrived in Berlin in 2013 with his family tradition to start this small bakery in Markethalle Neun. Soon after, the bakery won the champion price in 2014 Berlin Best Bread competition. In Sironi you can find authentic Italian dough made for focaccia Genovese and pizza, simply served with a good quality of olive oil and delicious tomatoes. The result is a bouncy texture with a surprisingly taste. Be patient as there is a continuous queue and you can see how fast the bread disappear behind the big size of window glass. Now Sironi is opened 6 days a week as a street food place where you can pick your lunch to-go. Sironi is an exciting spot you should not miss!

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Eisenbahnstraße 42, 10997 Berlin, 德國

€€ - Card refused



Monday8h - 20h
Tuesday8h - 20h
Wednesday8h - 20h
Thursday8h - 22h
Friday8h - 20h
Saturday8h - 19h

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