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Alix Lacloche, Paris : Cook & Book Author


1/ Your favorite food?

Warm brown butter biscuits with salty butter and apricot jam with a lot of vanilla

2/ Your least favorite food?

Bottled pressed juice

3/ The first restaurant you remember going to ?

A Japanese restaurant in Paris called Tsukizi, rue des Ciseaux paris 6. At the bar with my parents, maybe I had tempura ? Or a small sushi.

4/ The one you remember going over and over ?

Tsukizi, best place on earth

5/ Your favorite wine ?

All the wine that Camille Fourmont from La Buvette in Paris sells. Right now it’s a Brouilly she has I am in love with.

6/ Where can we find you on the planet ?

In my kitchen in Paris most of the time or at my friends, in their kitchen.

7/ The first wine you ever tried ?

Chateau Mouton Rothschild, my father helped designing the labels for the company.

8/ And the last ?

Last night something natural fresh from around the corner, never remember the name, I drink too much these days.

9/ The dish you make best A green salad with scarole, crispy bits of breads, green garlic dressing, and you eat it with your hands.

10/ An album that make you thirsty ?

Any album from Sade

11/ A taste from your childhood?

Crispy green onions cooked in fire, served with coarse sea salt and lime juice. Amazing.

12 /What would you drink at your last supper ?

Sparkling water with Sirop d’orgeat

13/ What is constantly in your fridge ?

Anchovies and leftover boxes of food I made

14/ What would never be in your fridge ?

Orange juice from the supermarket

15/ What do you listen to when you drink/eat  ?

Sade, Womack & Womack, Flavien Berger recently discovered

16/ Your favorite place where you live and why  ?

My apartment in Paris, 5 minutes away form Terroirs d’avenirs, a great purveyor of legumes, fish, meat etc. I have been in this new apartment for a year now, I lived all seasons and I designed the kitchen of my dreams open on my living room, with big windows, air and big white walls.

17/ What would be the best breakfast someone cook for you ?

An open terrace, birds, the sun and a stack of homemade crepes with plenty of condiments to put on them : brown butter and lemon juice, any homemade jams with big chunks of fruit, almond butter and a huge tea pot of excellent Lapsang Souchong, the news paper and peace.

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