Anna Kufner, Berlin : Food Communication


1/Your favorite food

Bread, butter & cheese, my absolute all-time essentials

2/Your least favorite food

One thing that I tried and actually hated was Natto, Japanese fermented soy beans. I really tried to like them but I just found them absolutely disgusting.

3/The first restaurant you remember going to in Berlin

Stella Alpina, the Italian restaurant in Charlottenburg in the neighbourhood where I grew up. It’s still there and I still like it.

4/The one you remember going over and over

Must be Cocolo Ramen. My friend Anika just counted all her Bewirtungsbelege from last year and told me that we had countless visits…

5/Your favorite wine

Last year at a dinner at The Store Kitchen, Tommy Tannock introduced us to a Sicilian white wine: a Catarrato from Nino Barraco. I liked it immediately and it still is one of my current favourites. Marco from Sant’Ambroeus is selling it and which is luckily around the corner from my house.

6/Where can we find you in Berlin

Everywhere where you can find food and drinks of quality. Saturday morning you will always find me at the market. Either at Markthalle Neun, sometimes at Karl-August-Platz or at the small farmers market in my neighbourhood at Arnswalder Platz.

7/The first wine you ever tried

Uuuugh good question. Could be that is was a Retsina on the Greek island Naxos. It was definitely rather cheap and too warm.

8/And the last

A Chardonnay from Arbois, Jura, at JAJA’s first birthday last Saturday

9/The dish you make best

I make really good salads. Sounds so easy but try to get a decent salad somewhere in Berlin: this is really hard to get stuff. I mastered the art of making salads from whatever greens there are currently in season and add things that make it tasty: seeds, grains, nuts, herbs, cheeses.

10/An album that make you thirsty
Maybe „Cleaned out“ from The Tibbs – I discovered it one fun night with friends at Bar3. It’s a weird mix but it somehow gets you in the mood for drinks

11/A taste from your childhood
I was a very picky eater as a kid, I still have no idea why. I liked everything that was somehow simple and pure. A thing that I’ve always enjoyed and still do is potatoes, butter and salt. And marble cake.

12/What would you drink at your last supper

I’d start with a Negroni and probably end it with champagne. I’d make sure to get into a fantastically drunk mood.

13/What is constantly in your fridge

Milk, butter, several kinds of mustard, cheese, gherkins, sparkling water, wine and any sort of vegetable. And bread in the freezer, sliced, so you can easily toast even when you come home at night and don’t have any fresh loaf on the counter.

14/What would never be in your fridge

Fruit or tomatoes. I don’t know why people put these in the fridge. It doesn’t make sense.

15/What do you listen to when you drink

Ahahahaha I don’t have a drinking playlist, maybe I should make one 🙂 I think most often I listen to friends talking when I drink.

16/Your favorite place in Berlin and why

Tricky question as this always depends on my mood, company and appetite. Muret la Barba might be an all-time favourite. I like its simple interior and their menu keeps a good balance between (well done) Italian classics and seasonal specials. It’s not overly fancy which is something I appreciate. I also like to go to Engelbecken in Charlottenburg for a late lunch on a Sunday. And Lode & Stijn is definitely on the list of my newer favourites.

17/What would be the best Breakfast someone cook for for you

Please keep it very simple, like toasted sourdough, salted butter, honey and a cup of coffee. In summer, Greek yoghurt, ripe apricots (when in season) and chestnut honey would also do the trick.

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