FoodByte 2018 London


FoodBytes! Combines the best of entrepreneurial startups, the larger financial  players that know how to scale brands and the people that have the know-how to connect those dots.” said Evan Delahanty, founder of Peaceful Fruits.

This inspiring and intriguing event is supported by Rabobank Group, which is also the biggest food and agriculture innovation bank in the world for century now. The aim of Foodbytes is to pitch and meetup Food & AgTech all around the world. Across 3 continents, with 3,900 attendants, the event gathers enthusiastic people who are fond of 4 realms: increasing the availability of food, improving access to food, promoting balanced, healthy nutrition and increasing stability. We could say that all the potential companies are with good intentions and determinations, all the good company worth investment share similarities of great vision toward a better tomorrow.


We have selects some of the coolest game-changing startups you shall not miss in 2018 .

Startups Providing Solution for Being Sustainable

Highly commented winner BioKind is based in London, produces sustainably alternative proteins for aquaculture, livestock and pets. Consumers care about food, BioKind cares about what nourishes food. They proteins are natural, sustainable and traceable and are produced by a natural fermentation – non-GMO.  Price are competitive and Biokind uses existing sources of protein to produce to the highest quality standards.

Rootwave was one of the judges’ favorite. Rootwave uses electricity to kill weeds, boil them without using herbicide. It is sustainable, using organic technology which reduces fuel and water consumption while improving the environmental conditions. The very good point and thrilling result is that there is no lasting issues with residue or drift to deal.

Mimica is the company that  received the most interest and award from the audience. They are also performing very well on their social media, as their likes testimony.  Mimica Touch is a gelatin-based label which easily show the condition of freshness of the food. Clear, understandable and easy to use, it is expected to help people reduce family food waste.


Solution for Being Ecological

FoodByte selected lovely innovative startups working on better ecological solutions system. Very interesting new perspectives were shown with a strong focus on animal care and human/nature co-living.

BeeHero focus on bees, dramatically disappearing and that are let us remind it the most ancient insect friend of human beings. Nowadays the community of bees shrinks due to polluted environment. The problem is that bees are  the most important medium for pollination. BeeHeros enhances crop-pollination by recruiting and empowering nature. Using machine learning algorithms enables to generate stronger and healthier hives, to reach high efficiency and accuracy of pollination.

SeaChips applies the concept of “whole food” and “zero food waste”, using salmon skin to make umami and crispy chip snacks. It is purely handcrafted, and part of income is being donated to support cleaning up oceans. SeaChips is trying to have a business mode which is both tasty and can feed back to mother ocean.

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