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Kristianne Kegelmann, Berlin : Culinary Designer


1/Your favorite food

Actually, I can’t say, I love a lot of different things. But a friend of mine makes the best pizza there is. Neapolitan style. Recently he made it for my gluten free (allergic) and it felt like heaven

2/Your least favorite food

Sea food (love fish but no crabs and all that)

3/The first restaurant you remember going to in Berlin

Nobelhart&Schmutzig . There might have been a few before but since I live here it’s been the first one that I remember 🙂

4/The one you remember going over and over

Same one, but over and over means every couple of months. I also like Ishin as the more reasonable option haha

5/Your favorite wine

Puh, love wine but couldn’t say which one is the one I love most. I love a lot an orange wine that I’ve discovered recently.

6/Where can we find you in Berlin

In my Studio is at Danziger Straße 59, 10435 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

7/The first wine you ever tried

I guess it was a Montepulciano

8/And the last

Brunelli di Montalcino Manapetra 2005

9/The dish you make best

Puh I love cooking in general, have very little time so I’ll try something new every time I am cooking in my personal life 🙂

10/An album that make you thirsty

Max Richter – Four Seasons

11/A taste from your childhood


12/What would you drink at your last supper

Red wine, the best I could get

13/What constantly in your  fridge

Since recently: Kilometro el origen

14/What would never be in your fridge

Bad quality sausage/meat products

15/What do you listen to when you drink?

Depends on my mood

16/Your favorite place in Berlin and why

Running at Tempelhof Flughafen in the early mornings when I am the only one, sun is rising

17/What would be the best breakfast someone would ever cook for you .

Glutenfree Brezel that tastes like an original Bavarian Brezel with butter and cheese+jam, on the side fruits

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