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Let’s go in Africa for a weekend! Berlin summer 2018 is ON

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The African Food Festival Berlin is coming back on the 9th and 10th of June for the 4th edition and this year and sounds very promising.

The Festival was created in Berlin by Liane Kobe and Juice Owusu in 2016 and is a great opportunity to discover the African food culture and find out about new trends from one of the most culturally rich continent!  885 Million people, 54 cities and more than 2000 languages : we can call it « the superlative » continent and the festival will bring the best of it during those two days!

The African Food Festival Berlin offers the most delicious and healthy African food you can taste in Berlin. We”ll bridge the gap between innovative African street food & authentic cuisine. We have dishes ranging from BBQ to vegan, from East to West Africa and from North to South.

The African Food Festival Berlin aims to celebrates the modernity and innovation of the tasty African culture. It aims to #rebrand Europeans conception of Africa and show new angles of interests. It celebrates a modern innovative African kitchen and presents a lifestyle with products, art and music influenced and inspired by the afro urban culture and heritage.

The African Food Festival Berlin programmation is very rich and diverse 

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The African Food Festival Berlin MUSIC will offer a lot of good vibes and gigs to the public. Come and dance for 2 days! Several Djs and African popular music mix such as Afrobeats, Afrotrap, Highlife, HipHop and Afrohouse to the festival. Young upcoming African artists will perform live on stage.

The African Food Festival Berlin ART FAIR is integral to the festival. The ART FAIR serves as a platform for artists of photography, sculpture and collage. 

There is also African Food Festival Berlin DESIGNER MARKET who showcases creations from designers in fashion, interior, jewelry and more. A very nice and innovative selection will be presented, handmade far from the clichés people have of touristic craft markets.

There will be African Food Festival Berlin WORKSHOPS and TALKS with experts  in economy and innovation. Learn for example how is produce the coffee in Ethiopia ?

There will be also a KIDS CORNER with a sand playground and a few workshops teaching the kids about the African food specialities and ingredients.

This particular  mixture of African Food, Music, Art & Design makes the festival unique and attractive to a large public.

  Real culinary discovery & great food

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In the past 5 years, we have seen a huge rise of interest for the African culture, especially in arts.

African electronic music has been hits the world lately and TV channel such Arte has been producing documentaries to show how revolutionary this new movements are.
Africa is a boiling and emerging continent : artistic creations are booming in contemporary art, start ups are more and more involved in economy growth and sustainability, the music industry is getting mad and the food starts to spread internationally.

2018 food trend predictions have cited African cuisine as something to look out for in the months to come. From countries in America to right here in our own backyard, flavors from the African continent are inching their way onto mainstream menus, leaving food enthusiasts to ponder why it’s taken so long in the first place.

The African continent comprises a multitude of countries, cultures and regions – the food is as diverse as the continent itself. If you’re in West African countries like Senegal, Nigeria or Ghana, you’re eating plate loads of jollof rice, an everything-but-the-sink staple that can be made with rice, tomatoes, onions, nutmeg, ginger and cumin.

Cuisines in Central African countries remained almost entirely free of outside influence until the 19th century, and lean heavily on starchy foods, plantain, cassava, beef and chicken. Dishes based on cereals, grains and greens feature heavily in the continent’s favorites cuisines

London and Paris have always been certified hotspots for African cuisine, let’s Berlin be the newest hot destination!

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