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Taina Guedes – Artist, mother and Food Art Week creator


1/Your favorite food?


2/The first restaurant you remember going to?

Benihana, Japanese Restaurant in Sao Paulo

3/The one you remember going over and over?

Macrobiotic restaurant in Sao Paulo with my father

4/Your favorite wine?

PINOT GRIS WINZERSEKT from https://weingutschaefer.de

5/Where can we find you on the planet?

Berlin, Paris and Mallorca

6/The first wine you ever tried?

I don’t remember

7/And the last?

HERRENBERG 2013, from https://weingutschaefer.de

8/The dish you make best?

Improvising with Leftovers

9/An album that make you thirsty?

All or Nothing at All, Billie Holiday

10/A taste from your childhood?

The rice balls that my mom did for my birthdays

11/What would you drink at your last supper?

Maracuja juice

12/What is constantly in your fridge?


13/What would never be in your fridge?


14/What do you listen to when you drink/eat?

Nothing. I like to have all my senses focused on the food

15/Your favorite place where you live and why?

My Gallery. There I work with lovely people, we have freedom to develop new and innovative ideas in collaboration with artists, Chefs, scientists, environmentalists, architects, and more.

16/What would be the best breakfast someone cook for for you?

Porridge with fruits and nuts, Bread from Märkisches Landbrot Bäckerei (they are all amazing), Coffee with oats milk, Green juice… or Japanese breakfast: rice, miso soup, pickles… this kind of breakfast is for my body always the best to start my day!

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