The food supply is not a  good as the others, because of her depend the health of the populations, the harmonious development of territories, the diversity of the cultures, the social links between cities and campaigns, and between consumers, as well as a big part of the resources of the planet.” Marie-Stéphane Maradeix, general Delegate of the Foundation Carasso whose slogan is: maintain the life, Enriched the Spirit.

Established in 2016 in Berlin, FoodKulturMag has the mission to build a creative community based upon the food culture through openness and collaboration.

We are committed to representing a diverse set of voices that provoke interdisciplinary research within a sociological approach. We aim to discuss broader cultural, environmental and ethical issues within the food spectrum.

By curating interviews from experts and cultural reports, FoodKulturMag researches and dig into the counterculture of the under explored aspects of food.

Food Ways, Food Art, Food Reports and Restaurant Reviews are what we believe contributes to contemporary and artistic experiences in breaking established boundaries.

Image © Zoe Zermi

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