Madame NGO

This is a great Asian restaurant in town. Berlin is one of the European citywhere  you can enjoy the best Asian cuisine and in this small bistro, you can try a lot of specialities. Vietnamese pho or  warm umami soups, Cantonese style crispy skin pork plates, Bahn mi Sandwich with roasted pork and fresh vegetables, and even a Korean seaweed roll with kimchi and beef. Those delicacies are well prepared at Madame NGO. If you are upset by the cold drizzle in Berlin in winter times, come and get something with a sunny and spicy taste. Foods are made to make you happy, like food served in  Madame Ngo. (photo credit: Madame Ngo)

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Kantstraße 30, 10623 Berlin, 德國

030 60274585

€€ - Card accepted



Monday12h -24h
Tuesday12h -24h
Wednesday12h -24h
Thursday12h -24h
Friday12h -24h
Saturday12h -24h
Sunday12h -23h

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