Vegan Living 1990

The Vegan invasion has arrived in town! 1990 Vegan Living restaurant is located in Friedrichshain and  is an amazing Vietnamese vegan place, very cozy and soothing. Here you can eat wonderful bowls topped with fresh vegetables and seasoned with Asian ferments like kimchi, hot spiced sauce and green herbs. You also should not miss their delicious dumplings and their famous crispy fried vegetables. There are also a variety of tapas and bowls choices a la carte so  feel free to choose a combination and have a very creative meal. (photo credit: Vegan Living 1990)

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030 85614761

€€ - Card accepted

Non smoker


Monday12h - 23h30
Tuesday12h - 23h30
Wednesday12h - 23h30
Thursday12h - 23h30
Friday12h - 23h30
Saturday12h - 23h30
Sunday12h - 23h30

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